The 5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to

What did I do before podcasts? On the bus, train, or plane, working out, doing chores around the house…what did I do? Listen to the silence, I suppose! But now with the advent and subsequent popularity of podcasts, we have the privilege to learn about the world, history—quite literally whatever we choose—while we go about our daily lives. And who doesn’t love that? I listen to many podcasts on a weekly basis, and want to recommend my favorites.

1. The Guilty Feminist: without a doubt this is the best podcast I listen to. Started by the British comedian Deborah Frances White, The Guilty Feminist offers a space for women to come together and talk about the complicated parts of life in a sometimes funny, sometimes tragic way, and how it all relates to feminism and the fight for equality.

2. Savage Lovecast: Dan Savage is another voice out there in the madness that offers sanity and sage advice about sex and everything related to it. His words have really broadened my perspective not just about sex, but about the kind of world we want to live in and how we should think about both sexual and personal relationships.

3. How It Is: this is one of the podcasts produced by Reese Witherspoon’s company Hello Sunshine, that focuses on women, to put it simply. Each season has a new host that interviews women from all different walks of life about a wide range of topics, including money, work, anger, values, freedom, and using our voices.

4. Stuff You Missed in History Class: just from the name one can infer a lot about this podcast—they cover topics that aren’t taught in schools and in such a detailed way that makes you feel like you know everything about it. And only in 45 minutes! They often cover history in other countries and stories of inspiring women. What’s not to like?

5. The History Chicks: this podcast covers stories of not only famous women, like Audrey Hepburn and Frida Kahlo, but also of lesser-known women whose stories have been lost over time. The episodes run longer, 1.5-2 hours, and discuss in depth the life of whomever they have chosen that week.

BONUS: Made of Human and Latino USA

Because of course I couldn’t choose only five! Made of Human is made by Danish comedian Sophie Hagen, who was originally a cohost of The Guilty Feminist and has now started her own podcast where she talks with her guests about topics including intersectionality and being fat in a world that only likes thin people. Latino USA covers issues affecting the Latino population not only in the US, but also in Latinx countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, and El Salvador. I really love listening to this podcast because the issues they talk about affect everyone—not just Latinos! Ranging from politics to history to culture, Latino USA offers a fresh and interesting perspective.

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