Another Spanish recipe: Alubias

   Continuing with my Spanish cooking adventure, this week I made alubias, a typically winter dish here in Castilla Leon made of white beans with vegetables.

   This dish is very easy to make, although it takes quite a few hours because the alubias have to soak in water overnight.

Here’s what you need:

-dried white beans

-one carrot

-one green or red pepper

-half an onion

-half a head of garlic

-½ glass of olive oil

-200 grams of chorizo (Spanish sausage)

Here’s what you do:

   1. The night before, rinse the beans and place in pot in water and leave to soak until cooking time.

   2. When you´re ready to start cooking, rinse the beans again and place them back in the pot with fresh water, covering the beans completely. Put on high and after it begins to boil, change the water once more and put back on medium heat.

   3. After chopping the vegetables, add them with the oil, garlic and chorizo to the pot and wait for the mix to boil. Once boiling, leave the mix on the heat for an additional 2-2.5 hours, or until the beans are soft and almost all the water has boiled out.

   4. Depending on your preferences, this dish can be eaten like a soup (which is the most typical way here in Spain) or with broth, which is how I ate them. More broth equals less time, and less broth equals more time.

   5. Enjoy!

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